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Posted On - 07 Jan 2012
Rachcon InfraProjects
Posted ByGreenMela
StateMaharashtra (India)
Start Date01 Jan 2012
End Date31 Dec 2012

Please provide a brief writeup about your company and your CSR mission/objectives 

We are Rachcon InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. We are an ISO 9001 ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certified company with No limit Double "A" class registration. We are a CCR & United States of America D – U – N – S registered company.  Our professional goal lies in fostering the environment  through my education and international Experience.  Rachcon is a leading Government, semi government and a private contracting company, providing a full range of construction and Environmental related services to a substantial and diversified client base. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work achieved by our uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in each and all of our projects. Our purpose is to offer a quality project that will exceed the expectations of our clients. We operate with the highest level of integrity and provide a rewarding quality of life and a fair return for our customers, suppliers, communities, and employees which inturn does justice to the environment. We, at Rachcon, take maximum efforts to make a project self – sustainable i.e. the project should not harm the environment and should be able to maintain itself at the lowest possible cost. We consider the cost towards sustainability as an intestment towards getting a better future for our planet. In the time and age of Corporates, is the responsibility of every Corporate to behave responsibly towards the environment as the places where they live and places that they create impact the environment for years and years to come. Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goal lies in the formulation of specific CSR policies for all the structures that we create. Every project is different and hence a general CSR policy will do no good to the environment. For instance, a cement plant will have a different set of CSR policy in which there would be specific rules for energy generation, its usage, shutting power at night (which maximum plants do not even if not operational), using Eco – Friendly chemicals and admixtures which do not pollute the atmosphere. The formulation of CSR policy  at this place is extremely important as we know that a city today in India is a concrete jungle; the more we use eco – friendly material, the better. We are working towards a CSR policy document to get it approved from a government agency for implementation. We are developing modules for every event (festivals like diwali, holi, marriages, occasions), every Industry (Civil, Mechanical, etc). What this policy will mainly aim is to cut down the carbon emissions and save, recycle water.    

  Please explain in brief the 'Green' CSR initiative recently undertaken by your company 

As a CSR initiative, we have developed systems where we can save, recycle and reuse large quantities of water. We have developed modules specifically for High rise structures, Aquariums, Zoo’s, Villages, Industries, Power plants, etc. We recently developed a design which enables us to use and recycle 1 Million Liters of water per day. It is a generalized design as detailed design is dependent on the clinical water parameters desired (BOD, COD, DO, etc.), the site conditions, temperature, space available, etc. If we install 10 plants, we can save 10 million liters of water per day for this planet. The target entities for this system are practically everyone that uses water from residential buildings to eco cities to eco parks to industries to every individual. It can be imagined what 100 plants of this size would do. This saved water over a year would be enough to serve more than half of the planet. Our continued effort is to update our CSR goals and work towards the betterment of the environment with keeping our sustainability in mind as well. The system that we have designed has many advantages, some of them are:

1. No sludge production
2. No smell
3. small footprint
4. Does not depend on input flow
5. Immediate result upon start up
6. Large systems can be easily designed with very less space
7.    Suitable for highrise towers and societies
8. Very suitable for eco-parks

We, along with the “Times of India” and “Garnier” had a competition where we presented our project. We were certified in the competition. The panel of judges was a panel of elites from fashion, films, education, government, etc.  

What was the key driver and challenges faced during this 'Green' CSR initiative? 

 Before the implementation of CSR, ISR should be  implemented which means Individual Social Responsibility. Without ISR, CSR can never be achieved. As a person having taken and invested 9 years of life into technical education, it makes me aware and responsible to create CSR through my ISR. This factor has been the key driver in pushing me towards CSR towards the environment. Speaking of challenges, the very foremost one is non realization of ISR. People just do  not understand the benefits of ISR; for them following CSR and adopting ISR is just a matter of convenience and does not come from within. The acceptability that we require CSR, just does not occur to them. It is feared that it may be too late for people to realize that there is something called patience that mother nature has been showing this planet for centuries; the day mother nature looses this, we cannot imagine what can happen. We have been audaciously polluting the atmosphere, soiling our lakes, running aquaculture, wasting water, releasing cf’cs into the atmosphere, etc, the list is endless. CSR is not rocket science, if you just consider just water treatment, the following steps will make your life better along with nature:

1. Get a complete idea of your water usage See what exactly your requirements are and what is the intended purpose of water.
2. Calculate the consumption of water your unit* requires Depending on how many people are consuming or using this can easily be worked out. • Units can be of any size having consumptions from 0.01 MLD to 1 MLD or more
3. Identify where you can re use the water if water is treated and recycled. Most water can be re-used for processes in case of power plants, dye industries, etc. In residences water can be re-used for flushing, washing cars, washing floors, gardening, etc. The applications are endless. 
4. Select a treatment system. This is the most crucial part, as the treatment system itself needs to be self sustainable and non pollutive in nature. It should not leave any by-products which cost more (both to you and the environment) for disposal. It should not have foul smell. It should give very less maintenance and the most illiterate of person should be able to operate it. Our system has all of these inbuilt advantages. We have already made installations where water has been used for flushing, gardening, washing cars, etc. 
5. Installation of the system The system can only work and your objectives achieved if it  is adequately installed. Minute engineering is required to design and install this system, copy pasting designs can never work as there is a specific design for each and every project. We have onboard technical experts that take care  that your CSR initiative are not thwarted. 
6. Operation and maintenance The key lies in maintaining the system. Effective maintenance of the system is essential to achieve your goals for which the system is designed. Our system can be operated and maintained at a very low cost plus can be operated by the most illiterate of people.

 What was the feedback received on your 'Green' CSR initiative? 

As already mentioned previously, the awakening of the people has still to happen. There are people who are aware of ISR and practicing CSR but a majority of the people and industries unfortunately rate CSR a 2 on 5. They consider it as a burden and an unnecessary spending affair. When most corporates spend unnecessarily on a daily basis, a small investment is considered not important for them. We highly recommend people to take advantage of our system and become corporately responsible. For individuals, our system can do wonders at the smallest to the highest of levels. We expect better response from individuals and corporates after this article.

Is there any other 'Green' CSR initiative in pipeline? Please provide insight

At Rachcon, green initiatives are like food for us. We are in the continuous process of updating and designing our systems for a variety of other industries. With our experts and expertise, we are confident of gaining the goal of developing a water solution for all industries thus reducing the load on mother nature.

What advice would you give to other corporates interested in CSR?

The words would be “Jago Corporate Jago” which means “wake up corporate” before it is too late and get back to us for consulting and solution for your water needs. Water is in urgent need of conservation and we can do it.   

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